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Product Announcement: UAT Data Retention Policy Change for FlexNet Operations Cloud Request History

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Revenera Community Admin
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To optimize storage and improve overall performance in the UAT environment, we are reducing the data retained in the request history table. On April 1, 2024, the UAT data retention policy for FlexNet Embedded device request history data in FlexNet Operations ALM/LLM UAT environments will be updated to retain three months of data on a rolling basis.

NOTE: This change does not apply to FlexNet Operations ALM/LLM Production environments, FlexNet Operations ALM/LLM Production Copy Service (PCS) environments, or FlexNet Publisher hosts in UAT or Production.

What data is in the request history?

The request history contains a record of every message sent to and from the FlexNet Operations Device Activation Service in UAT:

  • Standalone device capability requests and responses
  • Server sync messages and Device Activation Service acknowledgements

How is the request history data accessed?

The request history data is accessible to Producers in the following FlexNet Operations Producer Portal UAT pages:

  • For FlexNet Operations ALM UAT:
    • Devices -> Devices -> [Device Name] -> View -> View Device Requests
    • Devices -> Devices -> [Server Name] -> View -> View Server Requests
    • Administer -> Request History
  • For FlexNet Operations LLM UAT:
    • Manager Hosts -> Search Devices -> Search -> [Device ID] -> View -> View Device Requests
    • Manager Hosts -> Search License Servers -> Search -> [License Server ID] -> View -> View Server Requests
    • Manager Hosts -> Request History

What happens to request history data older than three months?

Request history data older than the rolling three months will be trimmed from the application UAT database and will no longer be accessible in the FlexNet Operations UAT user interface.

What if I want to access request history data older than 3 months?

Unfortunately, once the data is purged from the FlexNet Operations ALM/LLM UAT database, the information it contains will no longer be accessible in UAT.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to Revenera Technical Support or your trusted Revenera contact for further assistance.