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FlexNet Operations On-Premises 2020 R1 is Available for Download

Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin
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We are excited to announce the release of our FlexNet Operations on-premises 2020 R1, which can be downloaded from our Product and License Center.

This release introduces functionality and enhancements that brings feature parity with our some of our Cloud solutions.

Highlights of the FlexNet Operations on-premises 2020 R1

ENHANCED: Customer Growth module offers a REST API to retrieve renewal data from FlexNet Operations for use in other business systems. 

This release includes many more enhancements to improve ease of use:

  • Trial functionality supports multiple trials per user.
  • Entitlement transaction history provides a complete audit trail for entitlement line changes.
  • Merge self-registered accounts with customer accounts
  • Entitlement email and template enhancements
  • Incremental data extracts

ENHANCED: Cloud Monetization API module enhancements offer improved customer experience and security:

  • Preview all available features in applications connected through the Cloud Monetization API
  • Provide pools of licenses specifically for groups of end users
  • Include the Host ID in responses to improve security and allow easier integration into complex software applications

NOTE: FlexNet Embedded local license server support only.

NEW: CONTAINER_ID hostid type identifies FlexNet Embedded devices running in a container environment.   NOTE: Requires FlexNet Embedded Licensing XT Kits. FlexNet Embedded local license server support only.

NEW: FlexNet Operations on-premises support for OpenJDK  

For more information about the release, please read the FlexNet Operations 2020 R1 On Premises Release Notes.