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FlexNet Operations On-Premises 2020 R1.1 Now Available

Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin
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We're happy to announce the release of FlexNet Operations On-Premises 2020 R1.1. This email includes release highlights, product download information, and other product resources. In this release, you can look forward to the following enhancements:

Cloud Licensing Service
Support for latest Cloud Licensing Service (CLS) has been added in this release. The Cloud Licensing Service (CLS) introduces support for the feature partitioning capability.

Feature partitioning gives enterprise license administrators control over their license pools. By defining feature partitioning models, they can allow, deny, prioritize, or limit hosts' ability to use their organizations' licenses. They can better allocate license pools between geographies, divisions, or any other cohort they want to build. This ensures continuity of a team's ability to obtain licenses when they need them, by preventing the licenses from being consumed by non-prioritized groups.

Electronic Software Delivery
This release introduces support for Electronic Software Delivery (ESD). With Electronic Software Delivery, you can seamlessly and securely deliver your products to eligible customers.


  • To ensure the security of our product, we have upgraded our version of Apache Struts to 2.5.22. This version of Apache Struts includes fixes to security issues raised in previous versions.
  • FlexNet Operations On-Premises supports Microsoft SQL database. There is no support for Oracle database. If you are currently running FlexNet Operations on premises on an Oracle database, please contact your Revenera Customer Success or Account Manager to discuss database migration options.

For more information about the release, please see the FlexNet Operations On-Premises 2020 R1.1 Release Notes on our Documentation site.

Product Download

The FlexNet Operations 2020 R1.1 product is available for download on the Product and License Center of the Revenera Community.

NOTE: A Revenera Community account is required to download from the Product and License Center. If you do not have an account, please see our community training videos below for guidance.

To stay informed of upcoming releases, be sure to subscribe to the Software Monetization Release Schedule page. Access to this page requires your Revenera Community login.

End of Life Notices

The FlexNet Operations on-premises 2020 R1.1 will follow our current end-of-life policy. Please see the FlexNet Operations end-of-life page for the product lifecycle timeline.

If you have any questions about this release or would like further assistance, please contact your Revenera account representative or our Revenera Technical Support team.