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Change to FlexNet Operations Cloud Device History

Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin
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This post is to clarify changes, put into effect earlier this year, to support our on-going effort to ensure stability and operability of our FlexNet Operations Cloud services.

On February 26th, we conducted an emergency maintenance on our FlexNet Operations Cloud service to restore connectivity by limiting the amount of data on the systems. The maintenance included purging device history data older than up to 90 days, and per best practice, reinstating a dormant job used to limit the amount of this data in the future. This change provided much needed relief to the systems and is a part of a multi-prong approach to ensure long term service reliability for all our customers.

We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion this change has caused. If you require access to data older than 90 days, please see the knowledge base article "How to get Device History older than 90 days?" for more information.

If you have additional questions about this change, please reach out to your Flexera contacts and they will provide you with assistance.

Your Flexera Team