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FlexNet Embedded 2020 R3 is available for download

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Revenera Community Admin
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The FlexNet Embedded 2020 R3 local license server and client kits are available for download from the Product and License Center.

This release introduces the Feature Partitioning functionality for cloud and local license servers. Feature Partitioning gives enterprise license administrators control over their license pools. By defining feature partitioning models, they can allow, deny, prioritize, or limit hosts’ ability to use their organizations’ licenses. They can better allocate license pools between geographies, divisions, or any other cohort they want to build. This ensures continuity of a team’s ability to obtain licenses when they need them, by preventing the licenses from being consumed by non-prioritized groups.

*Note: Feature Partitioning functionality with cloud license servers requires Cloud Licensing Service 2020 R3, which will be available in Production on August 15th. Feature Partitioning functionality can be tested in the FlexNet Operations Cloud UAT environment. 

For a technical walkthrough of the feature partitioning functionality, please see the recording of our previous customer event.  

For additional information about this release, please see the FlexNet Embedded release notes available on the Product and License Center.