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crash inside FlcCommDelete call?

Hi, I'm testing the flexnet_client-xt-c-x64-linux package with our product. I used functions from the "CapabilityRequest" example and build the code on Ubuntu 19.10.

When it comes to license check out, the program always crashes at the FlcCommDelete call inside the TalkToServer. The error message says something like "faulting data pointer: 0x00007ffff5d94860". Does anyone have know what is going wrong?

Here's the TalkToServer function from the CapabilityRequest example:

    const char *       serverUrl,
    const FlcUInt8 *    request,
    FlcSize             requestSize,
    FlcUInt8 **         response,
    FlcSize *           responseSize,
    FlcErrorRef         error)
    FlcBool rc = FLC_TRUE;
    FlcCommRef commInterface = 0;
    FlcChar url[512]     = {0};

    if (!FlcCommCreate(&commInterface, error))
        DisplayErrorString("creating communications interface", error);
        return FLC_FALSE;
    TCharToFlcChar(serverUrl, url, sizeof(url));
    rc = FlcCommSetServer(commInterface, url, error) &&
         FlcCommSendBinaryMessage(commInterface, (void *)request, requestSize, (void **)response, responseSize, error);
    (void)FlcCommDelete(&commInterface, 0);
    return rc;


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