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Whats the diference between Issued Date,Start Date and Expiration Date and are they related to Entitlement Expiration Date

Below are the details that we get after sending cap request for an activation Id:

"isInGracePeriod": false,
"finalExpiration": "2023-07-19T23:59:59",
"entitlementExpiration": "2023-07-19T23:59:59",
"name": "System",
"version": "22.3",
"count": 1,
"issued": "2022-07-19T00:00:00",
"expiration": "2023-07-19T23:59:59",
"startDate": "2022-07-18T00:00:00"

Issue 1: I have created the entitlement ID Today i.e on 19-07-2022 and activated it in the same day with time difference of 10 mins.But I am getting the different start date and issued date.


I have created an entiltlement on 09-06-2022 and specified the start date as same at the time of creation.But while acquiring the details as below:

"isInGracePeriod": false,
"finalExpiration": "2023-07-09T23:59:59",
"entitlementExpiration": "2023-06-09T23:59:59",
"name": "Cadence6.5build",
"version": "1.0",
"count": 1,
"issued": "2022-07-19T00:00:00",
"expiration": "2023-07-09T23:59:59",
"startDate": "2022-06-09T00:00:00"

Issue 2: Now the issued date is 19-07-2022 and expiry date is 09-07-2023.But the entitlement Expiration date is mentioned as 09-06-2023.Does this parameter affects the expiry of the activation id 

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Revenera Moderator

Hi, @iswarya_bhge Thanks for creating a support case 02598376, our FNE team will help you to get an answer as soon as possible. 

Best Regards,

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StartDate: is the value specified on entitlement line item StartDate. See method FlcFeatureGetStartDate in your implementation.

Issued Date: is the date when you actually activated the entitlement line item on devices. See the method "FlcFeatureGetIssued" in your implementation.

Expiration Date:  Gets expiration date of the license, considering entitlement line item expiration and borrow interval specified. Please see the implementation of method "FlcLicenseGetExpiration" in your code.

entitlementExpiration: See the method FlcFeatureGetEntitlementExpiration. This method returns expiration of the back office entitlement associated with this feature.

finalExpiration: See the method FlcFeatureGetFinalExpiration in your implementation. This method Gets the definitive expiration of a feature as defined by the back-office. This value could potentially be later than the entitlement expiration thus defining a grace period in which a
feature from an expired entitlement can continue to be used. This value might or might not be the same as the value returned by FlcFeatureGetExpiration, which is based on how the feature was obtained.

I hope this answers your query. In case if you have further doubts, Can you please raise a support ticket with following details.

1)mentioning the steps you followed for the both the use cases and type of request to activate  (Standalone/CLS or LLS)?

2) Provide activation ID details

3) Sample code which was used to get the details.


There are similar method as well for License for example "FlcLicenseGetStartDate". Please see what is being used in your code and then see the corresponding method details in FNE client specific API and help guide.

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