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What is the expected behavior at the client when the borrow interval is longer than the grace period?

If I were to construct a 1 day license with a 1 day grace period and a borrow interval of one week, I would expect that after the first day we'd see the IsInGrace flag set to true and the expiration set to 1 day. This isn't what I'm seeing. Rather I'm seeing an expiration of 1 week.

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @richard_nagle ,

Here's an example of how grace functions:

License model settings borrow 1-week, grace 30 days.

Entitlement expiration is Dec. 31, 2020 

This means the expires attribute will be Dec 31, 2020 and the finalExpiry attribute will be Jan. 30, 2021.

Endpoints borrowing  on or after Dec 25 or will be running in grace.

Endpoints borrowing from Jan 23, 2021 and until Jan 30, 2021 will have expiry = finalExpiry or Jan. 30, 2021.

Hope that helps.






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