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PrivateDataSource in server


is there something similar to the PrivateDataSource, but on the server? We need to get access to the private key in the application and until now we used TRA in .Net Framework to hide the key. Since TRA is not supported on .Net and we are soon planing to switch to it, we are looking for other solutions.

The idea is to not store the key in the application but to get it from the server where it would be securely saved and be delivered with a feature which is requested from the server or synchronized with a PrivateDataSource dedicated for the data which comes from the server.

I'm aware of Notice, SerialNumber and VendorString properties, but they are all public, i.e. visible in the license file.

If there is no such feature, is there a plan to develop it? Or some other suggestion how this could be done with FNE?

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