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Flexera beginner

Host ID Ethernet

I'd like to use FLX_HOSTID_TYPE_ETHERNET with eth0 in our final devices. Now i'm using 

FLX_HOSTID_TYPE_STRING filling value with eth0 address manually, but i don't like it because it is a little strange for a user to select STRING id when they are going to use an Ethernet id.
I have rewritten ExampleHostIdCallout.c to use FLX_HOSTID_TYPE_STRING filling value and works fine but i don't know how rewrite it to use FLX_HOSTID_TYPE_ETHERNET or if exits other way to use this type without using external host id interface.
Thanks for your help.
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Flexera tphamda

Re: Host ID Ethernet

Can you take a look at the hostid.c example in the toolkit to see if that helps? It doesn't specifically use FLX_HOSTID_TYPE_ETHERNET but it does use other types such as FLX_HOSTID_TYPE_VM_UUID. 

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