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We are  running a VMWare virtual machine configured with Windows Server 2019 Datacenter.
We enabled "Intel VT-x/EPT and AMD-V/RVI" using the VMWare tools for the VM's bios.
This was done so we could run docker on the VM image.

While obtaining license we are getting this error :

FlxDotNetClient.ResponseMachineTypeMismatchException: A service system error was encountered: System machine type does not match expected machine type.


If we check for machine type , it is showing as "Physical" ( But actually it is virtual, since it is a VM) .

Please guide us to remediate this problem. TIA.




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Revenera Moderator

Hi @rwik_2022 Is this machine already having a license? (I mean it was activated a license and trying one more time) or this is a new machine? 

Check the Trusted storage files under "C:\ProgramData\flexnetsas\fnedemo" and if you have old files then take a backup and delete the files and then try to activate again and see that fixes the issue. 

Best Regards,

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Hi @mrathinam 


I'm looking into this with rwik.

Deleting those files didn't work for the user.

A little back story.

They have a laptop with VMWare virtual machine installed and are running a VM.

They wanted to install a docker image inside the VM to do that they needed to set the machine to look like it was physical using the VMWare software.

The license was working before they did that and stopped working after they made the change. It works again if they switch it back.  But the docker software doesn't.

They have tried with both Local License server running on the VM as well as a cloud license server in our UAT instance. Both show the same problem.


I did see an article where it mentioned that the machine type gets cached someplace. I assume that was why we deleted the files under C:\ProgramData\flexnetsas\fnedemo.

Unfortunately that didn't work.





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Hi @rwik_2022 and @kweinert ,

You need to delete the Trusted storage files as well, in order to make the  FNE enabled .NET client to have the new machine type information stored. The TS files will look like some random characters like "amjgufjswnphbbfjbpujuxaDAADQW2S1S1".  You have to delete all such files. The default location of this file is the user (the one who is running the application) home folder or if it is customized, you can check in your capability request for exact path.


In addition to above:

1) If you have already checked out license using LLS, make sure, you delete the old client records from LLS TS, so that client and LLS will have same machine type information to be able to grant license checkouts.

2) If you are using FNO to checkout license, make sure old client is obsoleted/deleted in FNO so that client and FNO will have same machine type information to be able to grant license checkouts.


If this also doesn't help, please create a support ticket, so that we can assist you further.

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