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FLexnet embedded - linux client, windows server

Setup was previously tested and working with windows clients on a dev environment.  Having deployed it to the target hardware (windows host partition for the local license server, Debian docker image running a license enabled tomee server application), we now get "Vendor keys do not support this platform" .  We have Flexnet licensing enabled elsewhere with linux clients, but in a more typical deployment (license-enabled linux clients running Centos, network based license server on windows connected to Revenera cloud services).  We have tried the linux x86-64 client libraries for both 2021.09 and 2022.02 (the windows LLS is 2021.09). 

Is there some change required to the account profile to enable a Debian client, or is Debian not supported at all on x86-64 even for the clients rather than the license server?

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @MeSoNoob Please raise a support case to check the vendor key to know the platform's support. 

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Thanks for the reply, one of my colleagues will raise a ticket.