Coming Soon: Revenera Status Dashboard

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We have some exciting news! On September 28th, we are launching our own Revenera Status Dashboard.

Like the current status dashboard, the Revenera Status Dashboard enables users to view system uptime and subscribe to maintenance and outage notifications but is dedicated only to Revenera hosted cloud products.

To help orient you on what you can expect with the launch of the Revenera Status Dashboard, we’ve prepared some key information below:


What Revenera hosted cloud products and environments will the status dashboard display?

The Revenera Status Dashboard will display the operational status of following products/environments:

  • FlexNet Operations ALM
  • FlexNet Operations ALM Production
  • FlexNet Operations ALM Production AWS Europe
  • FlexNet Operations ALM User Acceptance Testing
  • FlexNet Operations ALM User Acceptance Testing AWS Europe
  • FlexNet Operations LLM
  • FlexNet Operations LLM Production
  • FlexNet Operations LLM User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • FlexNet Connect
  • FlexNet Connect Production
  • Usage Intelligence


Why do some of the service names appear differently on the Revenera Status Dashboard?

We’ve renamed the following services to make their display names more user friendly and to better reflect the purpose:

  • FlexNet Embedded License Activation Service -> FlexNet Operations ALM/LLM Cloud Device Activation Service
  • FlexNet Embedded License Usage Service -> FlexNet Operations ALM/LLM Cloud Licensing Service


Will Revenera hosted cloud products still display on the Flexera Status Dashboard?

No. By September 28th, all Revenera hosted cloud products will be removed from the current Flexera Status Dashboard. We recommend you update your status dashboard bookmark to point to the Revenera Status Dashboard link:


Will I be able to access the Revenera Status Dashboard from FlexNet Operations Cloud?

Yes. The FlexNet Operations Cloud in-product link to the dashboard will be updated to take you to the new Revenera Status Dashboard.


Will users need to re-subscribe to the Revenera Status Dashboard to continue getting notifications?

To avoid disrupting our customers, all users who’ve subscribed to a Revenera hosted cloud product from the previous status dashboard by September 25th, will have their subscription migrated to the Revenera Status Dashboard. No further action is required on their part. 

DO NOT subscribe to the Revenera Status Dashboard before its official launch on September 28th.

Users who did not have an existing subscription to the previous status dashboard by September 25th, will need to subscribe on the Revenera Status Dashboard on September 28th to receive status notifications. 


If you have any questions regarding the information provided above, please reach out to your trusted Revenera contact or our Revenera Technical Support team and they will be happy to assist you.