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UPDATE: Detector launch issue (certificate expiration)

Flexera Alumni
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This post is an another update regarding the Detector Launch Issue, announced in the previous post.


The team has re-signed the jars of following releases and they are available in Product and License Center:

6.11.3(GA) release – Build 38

6.11.3(HF1) release – Build 44

6.11.3(HF2) release – Build 50

6.12.0(GA) release – Build 58

They can be downloaded from corresponding release files inside the download package.

Steps to find Signed Jars

  1. Log into the Product and License Center on the top right of the Community
  2. Click "Let' Go!" on the right column
  3. Go into "Downloads" on the top of the Home screen
  4. Scroll down and click "FlexNet Code Insight"
  5. On the bottom of the list, you will see "FlexNet Code Insight 6.x Signed Jars" 

Please go to the uploaded ReadMe.txt, it will guide you on how to proceed with jar replacement. This can be found with the same steps as above and will be at the bottom of the list.