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FlexNet Code Insight 6.14.1 is now available!

Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin
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We’d like to inform you that FlexNet Code Insight 6.14.1 is available for download from our Product and License CenterIn this release, users will see enhancements to the CodeAware functionality for greater automated discovery capabilitiesupdates to REST APIs, and general product fixes. Please see the product highlights below 


Automated Discovery and Scanning Enhancements 

In this release, FlexNet Code Insight grows the number of ecosystems where third-party inventory detection is supported and expands on its discovery capabilities for previously supported ecosystems.  

Miscellaneous Enhancements 

This release also includes usability enhancements including a new option to ignore empty inventory in a report and the ability to keep the custom inventory status during a project copy, export, and import event.  

Documentation Enhancements 

The FlexNet Code Insight User Guide and the FlexNet Code Insight Knowledge Base provide additional information related to Third-Party ecosystems and notices, respectively. Instructions for self-signed security certificate configuration have been added to the FlexNet Code Insight Installation and System Administration Guide 

REST APIs Enhancements 

FlexNet Code Insight 6.14.1 updates existing request REST APIs to provide Condition of Use details. 


For more details about the release contents, please see the FlexNet Code Insight 6.14.1 Release Notes. 


Download Information 

Customers can download FlexNet Code Insight from the Product License Center. This site requires you to log into your community customer account. Please reach out to your Revenera contacts if your community login does not have access to the download page. 



Your Revenera Team