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FlexNet Code Insight 6.13.3 is available

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Revenera Community Admin
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We are excited to announce that FlexNet Code Insight 6.13.3 is now available. In this release, users will see changes related to the CodeAware discovery functionality, scanning capabilities, additions to our REST APIs, and other general enhancements. Please see the product highlights below:


CodeAware Discovery Functionality

In this release of FlexNet Code Insight, the CodeAware discovery functionality has replaced the Analyzer as the default analysis technique for new scans and reporting. To help users, we’ve provided a script to simplify the migration from Analyzer to CodeAware discovery scans and reporting. Users have the option to re-enable Analyzer in FlexNet Code Insight if they so choose. Inventories and group priorities will now be based on the CodeAware discovery confidence levels.


Scanning Enhancements

With this release, the scanning capabilities have been expanded to support configuration files within .git repositories.


Project Enhancements

A new Mark Modified Files as Unreviewed copy option has been added to allow target files to be flagged as Unreviewed when a Reviewed source file has been modified before the copy is run.


REST API Enhancements

This release adds new APIs to the component resources making it easier to manage the association between licenses and components. The component create APIs have been updated to include the ID in the response, making it easier to identify its respective entity. Several new APIs for the project resource have been added for usability improvements.


Additional Enhancements

Several other changes to the product were made to improve its overall functionality. These changes include, but are not limited to, the addition of database support for Oracle 18c and MySQL 8, SFTP support for Electronic Updates, post-scan retrieval of new National Vulnerability Database (NVD) data.


For more details about the release contents, please see the FlexNet Code Insight 6.13.3 Release Notes.