FlexNet Code Insight 2020 R2 is now available

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We’d like you to know that FlexNet Code Insight 2020 R2 is now available on the Product and License Center. But before we dive into the great new features and enhancements of this release, we first want to share with you the exciting news that we have rebranded our Flexera supplier division to Revenera.

In case you missed the announcement about this rebrand, please visit our website www.revenera.com for more information or visit the Rebrand FAQs on the community to post any questions you might have about the brand change.

Rest assured, there are no product changes associated with this rebrand, nor will there be any changes to our partnership. We remain committed in providing you excellent customer support and high-quality products, just under a different name.

On that note, the FlexNet Code Insight 2020 R2 enables you to view the results of your scan and analysis work from a top-down perspective and gain better insight into your company’s use of Open-Source Software.

Below you’ll find highlights of the product releases, references to additional resources, and upcoming event information.

Release Highlights 

NEW: Infrastructure

  • Support for linked projects (parent/child) - this allows you to link your reusable modules to your applications and reuse analysis data and inventory items across applications

ENHANCED: Friction Free Flow

This release introduces several usability enhancements related to friction free flow.

  • Basic global inventory page – this allows you to see inventory items across the system based on your search criteria as well as top-down application inventory, including any linked child projects
  • Path comparison options for project data import - this allows you much greater control over which criteria is applied when comparing files between the source and target projects
  • Codebase tree right-click copy folder or file path - this is a productivity improvement analysis feature that allows you to easily copy the selected folder or file paths for use in inventory writeups
  • REST API improvements for linking projects and confidence levels

ENHANCED: Scanning

  • Python (PyPI) direct dependencies support
  • Yarn top-level inventory and direct dependencies support


Support for custom reports across projects - allows for custom reports that either combine or compare data across two projects

Release Resources 

For more information about the release content above, please refer to the FlexNet Code Insight 2020 R2 Release Notes and Documentation.

Also, we will be sharing a FlexNet Code Insight 2020 R2 Release Overview video, where our Senior Technical Product Manager Venkat Ram Donga, will walk you through the new features available in this release.

The video will be available on the Revenera Learning Center next week, so subscribe to this FlexNet Code Insight News page to be notified of its availability.

Download Information 
Customers may download FlexNet Code Insight from the Product and License Center. This site requires credentials from Flexera.

To access the Product and License Center, be sure to register for the Revenera Community and provide the Account ID and Product ID information included in the Order Confirmation email sent by Flexera. If you are unable to access the Product and License Center, or have not been granted access, please contact our Revenera Technical Support.


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