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FlexNet Code Insight 2019 R4 is available!

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We are excited to announce that FlexNet Code Insight 2019 R4 is available for download.

Please see the product highlights below and access the FlexNet Code Insight Release Notes for more details. 


Project Administration 

This release introduces a global- or project-level option to delete or retain inventory with no associated files, during a rescan or data import. This offers users the ability to save and apply associated information, before manually deleting the empty inventory.

The new Project Status field enables users to track the current status of their project. This field can be automatically set by FlexNet Code Insight or manually set by the user.   


Scanning and Automatic Discovery

This release enhances the handling of inventory prioritization. Now, depending on an updated set of criteria, FlexNet Code Insight may set the inventory priority to P1 for an inventory without a selected license. Previously, this was being set to P3, leading reviews to assume no action is required. This change helps users more accurately prioritize their reviews.  


Web UI Enhancements 

As part of this release’s web UI enhancements, a new project data import user interface has been added to improve the usability of the import functionality. The previous project data import REST interface is still supported for those who wish to continue to use it.

This release also enhanced the details of the Scan Server Status dialog. The additional information helps users easily identify the status of the scan queue, which scans are currently in progress, and who owns those projects.

Other UI enhancements include a one-click copy function to simplify copying the contents of the inventory’s As Found License Text field to its Notices Text field, general readability improvements on dialogs, and new information icons on the Custom Detection Rule interface.



APIs for inventory and project resources have been added and updated to cover data previous not supported in existing APIs, and in general to better support FlexNet Code Insight v6.x workflow integration.    


Have any questions about this release? 

We invite you to join our FlexNet Code Insight 2019 R4 Release Overview webinar. Senior Technical Product Manager Venkat Ram Donga will go over the release features in detail and take any questions related to this release. Register here to participate.