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Code Insight 6.14.2 SP1 is Now Available

Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin
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We are happy to announce the release of Code Insight 6.14.2 SP1, which is available for download from the Product and License Center. 

Here are the release highlights you can look forward to with this latest release:

NG-Bridge Digest

This release introduces the next generation bridge solution NG-bridge to complement the Compliance Library. Code Insight support for NG-bridge, as a secondary data source, provide digest-matching data beyond Compliance Library 2.43.

Web UI Enhancements

The Code Insight Web UI now allows users to associate and disassociate existing vulnerabilities to a component version.

ScriptRunner Upgrade

The scriptRunner module has been updated to use Groovy shell 3.0.6.

Security Enhancements

For security purposes, the default SSL protocol value in the Tomcat server.xml file is now TLSv1.2.  

API Enhancements

  • The REST and Java APIs will now return the last update date for a given project.
  • REST APIs have been added to support associating and disassociating vulnerabilities to a component version.
  • Checks have been added to the deleteVulnerability JAVA API for when a vulnerability is removed from a component version.

For more details about the release features, please see the Code Insight 6.14.2 SP1 Release Notes on the Revenera Documentation site.