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suitable scan environment and causes for slow scan

suitable scan environment and causes for slow scan

There are multiple criteria based on which scan speed depends, some of which are detailed below:

1. For Standalone instances (Core server, Scan server and database in one machine) recommended memory should be 64 GB.

2. For Double instances (Core server, Scan Server/Compliance Library on one machine and Database in a different machine) recommended memory should be 32GB per machine.

3. If you are using Mysql database, check the mysql.cnf file (In Linux) and my.ini file (In Windows) setting located in C:\ProgramData\MySQL\<MySQL Server version> to ensure the required settings are correctly defined.

- Please check for "Required MySQL Database Settings" guide in “FlexNet Code Insight 2019 R4 Installation and Configuration Guide” for mysql.cnf and my.ini file configuration.

4. If you are using SQL server database, Ensure the Maintenance job is running to completion on a regular basis.

5. Scans may take more time based on type of scanning you have selected (Basic or standard scan profiles)

6. Scan may take more time if the “Is Dependencies enabled” feature is enabled.

7. If you are using proxy or reverse proxy server, and communication is slow, scans may take more time.

8. Scan speed also depends on Codebase composition. (If you are using archival/zip, JavaScript or .dll files, scans may take more time)

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