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rescan does not appear to work as expected

rescan does not appear to work as expected

Below is the bug reported by customer where rescan does not appear to work as expected.

Affected version: 6.13.3

Expected fix version: 6.14.1


Rescanning the reviewed file is not changing the status as unreviewed.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1.upload a codebase (I have used e-Portal-1.3) on workspace.

2.Schedule a scan

3.Launch the detector client for that workspace

4.Mark the files as reviewed and close the detector.

5.Modify the files

6.Rescan the codebase again and check for file status which are marked as reviewed before.

Expected behavior: File status has to change to unreviewed

Current behavior: File status is not changing to unreviewed


‘If you believe you have encountered this issue, please raise a new case with our Technical Support team quoting the URL of this article and case number 01960469


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