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Understanding 'Condition of Use' in 6X

Understanding 'Condition of Use' in 6X


In General , the condition of use is set by the policy administrator while defining the policies. (Refer User Guide Page 46)

Whatever is the value selected for the conditions(even NONE), the requester would have to acknowledge the applied conditions to move the status

When a project is set up in the system, the number of review levels and team members responsible for reviewing component requests are established by the project owner. The policy administrator is responsible for setting up automatic policies for component/license combinations, which automatically assign the new request a status of approved, rejected, or determines that the request requires manual review.
If a requester submits a new request for a component/license, and no policy is associated with that new request, a workflow is created based on the project attributes.

Upon submission, the request is assigned to the first-level reviewer for action. If the request is approved, it is sent to the next person in the workflow responsible for reviewing it. Once all reviewers approve the request, it moves to history. If the component has conditions for use, once the request is approved by all reviewers, the request is automatically sent back to the requester for review and acknowledgment of the conditions for use.


Please verify the attached document

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