FlexNet Code Insight Too Many Open Files Error

FlexNet Code Insight Too Many Open Files Error


This article discusses how to resolve the error: Too Many Open Files Error.


FlexNet Code Insight Error: com.palamida.workspace.WorkspaceException: (Too many open files)


The maximum number of open files that users can have open in a single session is set to too low of a number.


ulimit and sysctl programs allow to limit system-wide resource use.

To resolve the issue, you need to first check the ulimit settings. Performing the command below will give you the current value of your open files:

$ ulimit -a

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Typically, we suggest this value to be set to 65536. To change the open files settings, do the following:

1) Open $/etc/sysctl.conf or $/etc/security/limits.conf

2) Add the following entries:

 soft nofile 65536
 hard nofile 65536

3) Log off, and then re-login.

4) Check to make sure the new value is reflected with the ulimit -n command.

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