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Detector Code Search in 6.8

Detector Code Search in 6.8


This article discusses how to use the new code search feature in Detector 6.8.


For the new code search feature, scanned code is indexed so that a search may be performed at anytime. This eliminates the need for a text/grepping tool outside of the product. This feature can be combined with Palamida Groups, tags and custom filters. The tree is filtered to files containing results such that these files can be Marked as Reviewed, Added to Group or tagged.


If you click the search button, the following options are offered:

User-added image

Search for File Name

You can now search for a file name across the code base using this new feature menu and seeing the results as a new highlighting feature in the Source matches:

User-added image

Search for Selected Text

You can also search for any selected string or text in files across the scanned codebase. You can find this in a new menu when you select and right-click on text in the Partial Matches Pane.

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