Code Insight Sample Training Agenda

Code Insight Sample Training Agenda

To accelerate Code Insight enablement, Revenera offers a 12-hour virtual classroom training. Below is a sample of the modules included in the training, however we can tailor this to meet your organization's Code Insight enablement needs.

Administration and Project Creation

Module 1: General Administration Review

  • Creating Users
  • User Settings/Permissions
  • LDAP/Email Servers/ALM
  • Project Defaults
  • System Settings

Module 2: Project Creation

  • Project Dashboard
  • Project Creation
  • Project Settings
  • Connecting to Git
  • Uploading Source Directly
  • Branching/Parent/Child
  • Import/Export

Configuring Profiles - Scan and Policy

Module 1: Scan Profiles

  • Search Terms
  • Exclusion files
  • Dependencies
  • Source Matches/Sensitivities for Source Matches
  • Multiple profiles

Module 2: Policy Profiles

  • Establish policy profile based on company policy
  • Adding Licenses
  • Setting CVE Policy
  • Adding components

Evidence Detection and Reports

Module 1: Evaluate scan results

  • Evidence Detection
  • Policy detection
  • CVE detection
  • SCF Overview
  • Triage findings

Module 2: Reports

  • Project Report
  • Audit Report
  • Notices Report

Plug-ins/APIs and Remaining Workshopping

Module 1: Plug-ins

  • Configure Jenkins
  • Validate
  • Configure Gitlab
  • Validate

Module 2: APIs

  • Demo Common APIs
  • Highlight new API features

For more information about the program and pricing, please reach out to our Software Composition Analysis Professional Services team.

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