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How to view electronic Update progress

I started an electronic update after an upgrade and it says it's being processed. But that's it. Why does it not show a status? I don't know if I did the upgrade correctly and it can still see outside our firewall, if it was able to connect to the updater server or not, how long it's gong to take, nothing. Seems like we should be able to see a status, not just be left in the dark to come back later to find out if it did something or not. Is there a way to see the status? There is a whole blank page there to display something. 


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It is not currently possible to see Electronic Update status in the Web UI. This functionality is planned for a future release.

For now, the best way to see Electronic Update progress is in the logs. If you have access to the server, take a look at <FNCI install directory>/logs/core.update.log. You should be able to see if the update has been started and how many data tables were processed.
Keep in mind, Electronic Update data is cumulative so if you are running the update for the first time, it will take significantly longer (up to 12 hours) than if you refreshing the update data in between updates.
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Ok, thanks! Looking forward to that new functionality in a future release. Your competitors are ahead of you on things like that.
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