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FCI reporting copyright notice in evidence file that doesn't appear to contain the copyright notice

FCI identifies the following As-Found licence text:

* All content copyright Terracotta, Inc., unless otherwise indicated. All rights reserved.

Evidence: ar/distribution-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT/system/net/sf/ehcache/ehcache/2.10.3/ehcache-2.10.3.jar/rest-management-private-classpath/META-INF/maven/org.terracotta/management-core-resources/pom.xml

The pom.xml file in question doesn’t contain the above text, so where is this copyright notice coming from?

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Hi @LukeMurray

We sincerely apologize for our lack of response. Going forward, we will be making a concerted effort to respond to all forum questions in a timely manner as well as responding to all previously asked questions on our forum. If you or someone else still has this question, here is our response:

The first line in the As-Found License Text should mention which file the text is found in. As an example, please refer to the screenshots from the following article (this is for 2022 R3): 

If this doesn't help, please provide a screenshot of the As-Found License Text you are seeing in your environment.

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