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Detector's screen gets corrupted

Hi folks,

I have a constant issue with Detector resulting in screen corruption (scaling, navigating etc) for some reason that happens several times per day, the only option to make it working correctly is to reload it. However this can happen again during the same session.

The problem is being observed on different setups (several desktops, laptop, RDPing desktop from laptop) regardless of network connection (LAN, WiFi).  The only constants are Win10 and Chrome browser.

Just wondering if anyone has ever noticed the same problem and found a solution?



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Level 2

Quick update - switching to IE has not resolved the problem
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I have experienced the same issue -- detector display gets corrupted and unusable after 1-2 hours, and only fix seems to be to exit and restart detector.

my setup: Windows 10, Firefox (currently 69.03, but happened with earlier versions as well)

I have noticed that resizing the detector window almost always causes strange display issues, but even without resize, I have issues with display corruption, just not as often.

I have not found a solution, except to exit & restart detector 



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