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Case Section

Hi All, 

How to access Case(s) page in the new Flexera UI. When i read about this people say it should be there under Get Support menu but i don't see it for me. 


Can you please guide me how to access the case(s) page in new Flexera UI. 



G Harihara Sudhan.

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Sorry for the late response.  First, are you still having the issue?  If yes, were you previously able to see your cases?  If not, then you will need to make sure you have properly registered and are signed in to see "My Cases" from the "Get Support" menu.  Let me know and I can check if you are registered or not.

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Hi, Yes issue still presists. I we do had access to my cases earlier. We are unable to access after the new UI rollout. Thanks, G Harihara Sudhan
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Hi,  Can you please send an email with details to  Include your name, company name, and user id from the community portal.  Explain that you can not see your cases in the community.  They should be able to associate your username with the correct corporate account information to enable the ability to see your cases.  Please let me know if you have any trouble.



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Hi Thanks for that. Email has been sent as you suggest. Awaiting for the response. Thanks again. Thanks, G Harihara Sudhan +91-9972390371