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InstallShield make Window xp restart

I have a isue,:confused:
I need to install and uninstall IIS (Internet Information System) at silent mode.
I create mot file installIIS.bat for installing and uninstallIIS.bat for uninstalling
+ InstallIIS.bat following as
Sysocmgr.exe /i:sysoc.inf /u:iis.txt
In that, iis.txt have the content following as
iis_common = on
iis_inetmgr = on
iis_www = on
iis_ftp = on
iis_htmla = on
iis_smtp = on
complusnetwork = on
is_asp = on
aspnet = on
sakit_web = on
tswebclient = on
PathFTPRoot = C:\Inetpub\Ftproot
PathWWWRoot = C:\Inetpub\Wwwroot


+ UnInstallIIS.bat following as
Sysocmgr.exe /i:sysoc.inf /u:uniis.txt
In that, uniis.txt have the content following as
iis_common = off
iis_inetmgr = off
iis_www = off
iis_ftp = off
iis_htmla = off
iis_smtp = off
complusnetwork = off
is_asp = off
aspnet = off
sakit_web = off
tswebclient = off

The result of installing and uninstalling by InstallIIS.bat and UninstallIIS.bat is OK.

But isue is following as
when I use a Installscript MSI to call bat file for installing
if (LaunchAppAndWait(SRCDIR^"Resources\\installIIS.bat", "", LAAW_OPTION_WAIT | LAAW_OPTION_HIDDEN) < 0) then
MessageBox("Install IIS failed",SEVERE);
MessageBox("Install IIS sucessfully",INFORMATION);
The result of installing is OK but when I uninstall IIS, A errors message box of window XP is showed as following as
This system is shutting down .Please save all work in progress and log off . Any unsaved will be lost. The shutdow was initated by NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.
Time before shutdow: 00:00:42
Window must now restart because DCOM Server Process Launcher services terminated unexpectedly.

After that, window XP is restart.

***Note that: I uninstall IIS by any ways (by Uninstall.bat or window component), error message box still happend.

*** I alse check DCOM service, I see DCOM is stopping
I don't now reason why I get.
Please help me
Thanks and best regards
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Level 3

I think This can be conflic between driver of InstallShield and DCOM cua window xp:confused:
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Level 3

I have tried to do that 30 times but the result is not OK
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