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Level 5

How to skip Welcome dialog or replace with the EULA dialog in Basic MSI project

Hi all,

I am looking for a way skip the InstallWelcome dialog and have the LicenseAgreement dialog be the first one the client sees.

It looks the easiest way may be to edit the InstallWelcome dialog to mimic the license agreement dialog and then remove the LicenseAgreement dialog by skipping it past it with the "Next" button event on the (modified) welcome dialog and changing the "Back" button event of the dialog after the license agreement dialog.

Do I have that basically right or is there an easier way I am overlooking?
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Level 8

I am now tasked with the same kind of problem. End Users want to see the License Agreement (EULA) prior to the prerequisites being installed. And be able to Cancel from there.

Typically, this is not how InstallShield sets it up but I did read something about modifying the prerequisite to not be "Install before feature selection" - which is the default BTW, but to put it on the main feature (or at least a feature/component that definitely would require it.

I am trying that now. I will post another reply if I have any success.
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Level 8

I was able to set the prerequisites to install for a component which means that the EULA occurred earlier in the install process. However, the nice list the install produced for the missing prerequisites is no longer seen.
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