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Level 4

How can I add assemblies to the GAC with InstallScript?


I want to install a .net application which uses a couple of DLLs in the same folder as the exe.
I would like to put the DLLs in the Global Assembly Cache to clean up the program folder, but there is no such option in the Destination browser (as is provided in an installscript msi project).
How can I add these DLLs to the GAC with Installscript? The InstallShield help does not mention any such functions..

Thank you for your help!
Christian S
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Level 4

Just found this:

Private Assemblies
* Are Installed within the same directory structure as the application (.exe).
* Private assemblies cannot be installed to the GAC.
* Are referenced by the simple name to find the assembly.

So i guess they have to be in the same directory?
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Level 6

Hmm. I'm not sure but apparently InstallScript doesn't support installing to GAC.
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