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Error -1073741819 with IS2011 SAB


I have performed a upgrade of my Msi Project from IS2010 to IS2011. I can build my project with my IS2011 Pro on my workstation (GUI mode) but it failed on a VMWare with IS2011 StandAloneBuild.

[exec] Dialog SetupResume for language English (United States) built
[exec] Dialog SetupType for language English (United States) built
[exec] Dialog SplashBitmap for language English (United States) built
[exec] Resolving strings...
[exec] Language English (United States) built
[exec] Building CAB files...
[exec] built
[exec] Files built
[exec] Result: -1073741819
[echo] Build Installer failed : return code -1073741819

Does anyone have an idea about my problem ?


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Level 5

Ok, I solved my problem. When I upgraded my MSI project from IS2010 to IS2011 I added a Minor Upgrade Item to validate the new package. But I forgot to remove this item. So IS2011 SAB couldn't perform the minor upgrade validation.

The error message was not very useful...


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