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A new folder is not created when a application upgrade

A newly added folder(there is a xml file inside this folder) is not created when the software upgrade. But when doing a clean installation without upgrade, there is no issue with folder creation.

file's "Always overwrite" property is set as true.

Is there any configuration to set to create new files/directories when upgrade?

Please see attached image for folder structure and configurations.

Folder : Settings

Thank you..
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Flexera Jenifer

Re: A new folder is not created when a application upgrade

Hi @Dammikadw ,


It is the limitation/rule of upgrade(Minor).If the file isn't versioned it won't overwrite if the modified time doesn't sync up properly.

You can try the following:

  • Add the file entry you would like to update in RemoveFile table entry(Direct Editor->RemoveFile)
  • Have file entry to be added as well

Which will remove the existing entry and will update new one.


Hope it helps,



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