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vcredist x86 2019 PRQ reboots when not necessary

Hi, I am running IS2019 and am working with an InstallScript project. My test OS is Server 2019.

I am currently using the IS-provided PRQ to install vcredist 2019 (x86). The problem is that it asks for a reboot when it is done, for no apparent reason. At least on Server 2019 anyway.
If I run the vcredist installer manually on Server 2019, it completes fine without asking for reboot. This is my baseline test to determine if a reboot is required.
I have also written some code to install it from script, and it also returns 0 which I assume means no reboot needed. As expected.

So, I'd like to know if anyone knows why the PRQ asks for a reboot here.

And I'd also like to know if the vcredist installer actually returns a non-zero value if a reboot is required, since I am looking at getting away from this apparently defective PRQ.


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