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Level 2

upgrade to 2013 can't uninstall from add remove program of control panel

Hi all:

who can help me?
use shortcuts can uninstall program ,but i can't uninstall in add remove program, the program don't any response when i click uninstall button!
i find that the function OnMaintUIBefore() is not called! the uninstall is ok before i upgrade the installshield to 2013!
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Level 7

If OnMaintUIBefore() isn't being called then what is? It may have to do with the uninstall string... when your user selects your application from Add/Remove what do you want to happen? Uninstallation or the Welcome Maintenance menu? When you select either "Change" or "Remove" a flag is sent to the installer package so maybe since you have both of those options switched off it's not going to where it needs to go? Hard to say without know where it's going currently.
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