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Windows Installer 3.x object

Dear users,

I'm a newbie to InstallShield 2008, I never did anything with InstallShield.
I have to develope a setup for a .net program (c#) for windows xp (SP2) and windows 2000 (SP4).

I want to include objects in my installation to verify my program to work,
I need to install the .net framework 2.0 on xp
but to get my program run under windows 2000 I need to install
- windows installer 3.x
- MDAC 2.6 or later
- .net framework 2.0

Now here is my question, I just don't know how install die windows installer 3.x object with IS2008.
There is no object / mergemodul available in my IS2008.
Where can I download a windows installer 3.x object or is there any other tricky solution?

best regards
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Level 6

In your Releases View, you have an option where you can specify the version of Windows Installer engine that you need bundled with your setup, and whether you want it to reside on media, download off the web, etc
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Level 2

thank you.
but unfortunately I can't find this option ;(

all I do is to create a new 'installScript-project',
add my program files,
add the objects (dot net framework 2.0, mdac 2.8).

in my releases view i can create i new release where i can select the different windows platforms that my program should run with, but there is no option with the windows installer.

where's the fault?

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Level 4

When you are navigating through the releases view, you should see a dilaog titled "Setup Launcher". In this dialog box there is a drop down list for "MSI Engine Version".
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InstallScript projects don't have an option to install a particular version of MSI in the releases view, however there should be a Windows Installer 3.x object in the objects view.

Devin Ellingson
Software Developer
InstallShield, A Macrovision Company
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