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Level 4

IS 2020: ISDependency the string is too long for the length specified

I'm trying to exclude some dependencies from my build and on some, I'm getting this error:

"ISDependency: The string is too long for the length specified by the column definition"

How can this be fixed/changed?


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Level 6

The only way I've been able to find to resolve this is by converting your project's ism file to XML, opening the XML in a text editor, searching for ISDependency (it'll probably be the first one you find, but you're looking for a line that looks like "<col key="yes" def="S60">ISDependency</col>"), then change def="S60" to a larger number based on your needs. Make sure the project isn't open in InstallShield, save the file, then you can open InstallShield and try again.
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