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Level 3

How to include/run a new setup.exe in a installer-please help


im using installscript project in installshield 2009.I need write an installer which calls a setup.exe which is located in a webserver,installs it and then complete the installation which is called first.please guide me how to do it.

thanks and Regards,
Anirudh N
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Level 4

2 ways:

1) In custom action select "Launch an executable" and proceed
2) Write a custom action and make use LaunchAppAndWait() function;
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Level 10

If you are using a pure InstallScript project, you should be able to use LaunchAppAndWait from OnFirstUIBefore to call the setup.exe for the other install, provided you can access its path.

If what you mean is that you need to access it through HTTP, I don't know how to do that in InstallScript. Perhaps someone one will chime in with a way.

(BTW, custom actions aren't available to a pure InstallScript project.)
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