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FindRelatedProducts action being triggered on Not Install and Uninstall?

At the moment the FindRelatedProducts action is only triggered on first time install (Not Installed), but I am wondering if/what issues could occur if I call this action on uninstall?

We have one platform product that is required to be installed on the machine before any of our other products are installed because of common shared files and assemblies that are required for our other products to work.

So I was thinking that I could use the FindRelatedProducts action to detect if these dependent products are installed on the machine and if they are then prevent the Common Platform from being uninstalled.

At the moment I am just checking some registry entries to see if the products are installed, but the FindRelatedProducts has version checking as well and therefore if we have to look for specific versions of the software then this is all built into the upgrade table.

So would there be any bad effects if this action was triggered on uninstall mode as well??

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Level 4

Does your "Platform Product" and all other products share the same upgrade code?? Do they belong to a related family?
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