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How to run different sequence steps based on operating system?

I'd like to use InstallAnywhere to download a file and execute it based on the operating system.

For example, download a windows file .exe for a windows install but a .dmg for a mac install. 

In addition, I'll need to execute the file differently in in Windows, MacOS, and Linux. 

I've read through a lot of material but just got the product today. What resources should I be looking at to accomplish this task?

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Re: How to run different sequence steps based on operating system?

Download File Action can be used to download file using
InstallAnywhere IDE->Sequence->Install->Add Action->DownloadFileAction.

Execute Command action can be used to run executable files as
you would from the target system’s command line.
InstallAnywhere IDE->Sequence->Install->Add Action->General->Execute Command.

And check platform rule can be applied to restrict an action to run
on a particular OS.

After adding the action, rule can be applied to the action as follows:
Select the action. Rules tab->Add Rule->Check Platform->Add.
In the customizer, "Perform On" list can be configured.
Once this rule is applied,  Execute Command action will execute only
in the configured platforms. Can add multiple Execute command actions
and apply rule.

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