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Flexnet Libraries compiled with PIC( position-independent code)

Flexnet Libraries compiled with PIC( position-independent code)

This article is being written to bring a few points to everyone's attention related to the FlexNet Libraries complied with PIC( position-independent code)

  • In computing, position-independent code (PIC) or position-independent executable (PIE) is a body of machine code that, being placed somewhere in the primary memory, executes properly regardless of its absolute address.
  • PIC is commonly used for shared libraries, so that the same library code can be loaded in a location in each program address space where it will not overlap any other uses of memory (for example, other shared libraries).

Linux Platform

  • Makefile in Linux provided kits already have support for compiling with PIC.
  • There is dedicated section written in the Makefile under element shared_object.
  • The Makefile will build shared object with the command make shared_object.
  • By default, shared object is linked with FNP provided PIC libraries inside the kit.



Windows Platform

  • In the windows platform the dynamic library can be built with command as nmake DLL=1.
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