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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

The January 2024 update of the Spider Software Services is available.

All components are available in our Product and License Center.


  • Software patterns have been added for the vendors Puppet, SEW-EURODRIVE, SIMetrix, TeamDrive, TNE, moog Animatics, Fischer & Kerrn, Antibody
  • License Metrics Procedures for Suse Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Application x86-64 with Live Patching unl. VM (Product Specific) have been improved
  • Further improvements of the product catalog are processed by renaming manufacturers and the migration of products and product versions to the successor. This version contains the following migrations:
    • AbsInt becomes AbsInt Angewandte Informatik
    • AccessData becomes AccessData Group
    • Across becomes Across Systems
    • ActivIdentity becomes HID Global
    • AJC becomes AJC Systems
    • Alentum becomes Alentum Software
    • Allgeier CORE becomes Allgeier CyRis
    • Altair becomes Altair Engineering
    • APIS becomes APIS Informationstechnologien
    • Artifex becomes Artifex Software
    • ASCOMP becomes ASCOMP Software
    • AspenTech becomes AspenTech Technology
    • Auslogics becomes Auslogics Labs
    • Avanquest becomes Avanquest Software
    • Avery becomes Avery Zweckform
    • Bare Bones becomes Bare Bones Software
    • Boris Eyrich becomes Boris Eyrich Software
    • Braintool becomes braintool software
    • Jonathan Bennett becomes AutoIt Consulting
    • Jos van der Zande becomes AutoIt Consulting
    • Nginx becomes Nginx Software

Recognition Catalog

The Recognition Catalog contains normalization and recognition capabilities for more than

  • 3.024.060 inventoried programs,
  • 149.589 software publisher, and
  • 7.686.012 inventoried files.

For more details, please check the Recognition Change Notes document.

Software and SKU Catalog

The Software Catalog contains more than 1.246.773 relevant and normalized articles (SKUs) of software licenses and maintenances and more than 73.124 license relevant product versions. 
Summary of the supplemented catalog items:

  • Articles (SKUs): 4.904
  • Versions: 206
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