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When trying to log on to the Web API interface an error is displayed:

“No Connection possible to the API on the following URL http://localhost/SpiderAPI”



The solution is to edit the rootURL config file. To do so open IIS.

IIS contains two sites for API access: SpiderAPI and SpiderAPIExplorer

Right-click SpiderAPI in IIS and click on Explore, this opens the path

C:\Program Files\Spider\CoreServer_00\WebAPI

Then click on the folder named _Settings




and open the rootURL.config file




On some occasions this entry has been incorrect, make sure the rootURL.config file contains the line http://localhost/spiderapi (name of API instance may be different depending on Spider configuration)

To access the Spider API create a user with the role CoreReader



Now access SpiderAPI with this URL: http://localhost/SpiderAPIExplorer and enter logon credentials



To verify that the Spider API functions the URL http://localhost/SpiderAPI/version should return information as shown below



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