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When publishing a package from the Software Vulnerability Manager, the following error appears:

"Failed to publish package - Code: -2147024809 - Unable to find database configuration value"


The related issue is a Microsoft WSUS API issue that can appear under the following circumstances :

1. Software Vulnerability Manager is installed on a remote machine (not the WSUS, SCCM, SQL server)
2. the WSUS server and its repository are installed on different systems (Not SCCM, SQL)
3. SCCM/SQL has been installed on different systems (do not include the WSUS server or repository)

When publishing a package from the interface the following error appears :

User-added image
Failed to publish package

Code: -2147024809
Unable to find database configuration value.


The WSUS API call looks for the registry on the local server where the Software Vulnerability Manager interface *(Plugin for Internet Explorer) is installed, instead of looking in the registry of the actual WSUS server to find the SQL server name. This call fails and hence publishing operation fails too. 


Copy the relevant registry strings from the WSUS server and copy them into the remote system where the console has been installed :

1. On the WSUS server, Open Regedit and navigate to the following key :

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Update Services\Server\Setup

2. Check if the following SQL keys are present (#5)
3. Right-click the key and choose to export, provide a name and click OK

User-added image

4. Right-click the file that has been exported (xxxxx.reg) and choose edit. This opens in Notepad. 

User-added image

5. Locate the relevant SQL keys within the file and remove all other, so the output is similar as below:

User-added image

6. Save the file and move the file to the remote system running the Software Vulnerability Manager. 

7. Import the key by double-clicking the file.

8. Open the registry on the remote system, check HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Update Services\Setup, and verify if the key now is present on this system.

9. Navigate to the SVM Interface (or your SCCM plugin) and republish the package successfully. 

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