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The largest resource of its kind, the Vendor Patch Module provides details on nearly 3,000 installers to help you mitigate software vulnerabilities faster. Over 1,000 patches are provided out of the box (marked below with an *) and ready to publish via Software Vulnerability Manager. In addition, details on over a thousand other installers are provided to make bringing your own patch to Software Vulnerability Manager easy.

Software Vulnerability Manager provides valuable insights help expose and prioritize vulnerable software in your environment. With vulnerability intelligence powered by Secunia Research, Software Vulnerability Manager provides you with rapid awareness of vulnerabilities, helps you effectively prioritize those that require your attention first, and can help you publish patches to remediate vulnerable software via WSUS and SCCM with ease.

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The below list of products are covered by the Vendor Patch Module today. Application coverage changes regularly as we update existing entries and add new ones on a daily basis.