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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Your feedback is what makes our products great and your voice is critical to understanding how our products can solve your biggest challenges. To provide your insights and help shape our products, sign up to take part in our Product Discovery Program. For details about Discovery, see below and join us!

Join Us!

Please Subscribe to our active list of projects on the Discovery Blog page.  


What is Product Discovery? Product Discovery is the process of learning from customers and partners (our users) about their experiences with our products.

How is Discovery different from Ideas? Ideas come from our customers and partners and are suggestions for enhancements, product changes or new features. Discovery is where we reach out to you to talk specifics and get your feedback on the Ideas. Click here to visit our Ideas page.

What is the purpose of Discovery? To solve your biggest challenges. When you participate in our research, you will be sharing your feedback with the people who have direct influence on the product and design process. As a result, you will help improve our products and in the long run, your experience with them.

What am I signing up to do? Sometimes we conduct surveys, but typically we conduct virtual meetings that range from 30 minutes to an hour. These discussions center around understanding your point of view regarding your interactions with our products. There is never anything to prepare – just tell us your opinion.

How does it work? To be a part of the Flexera Discovery community, you simply fill in and register via the form above. When we begin a new Discovery project, our product team will reach out to the Discovery customers who fit the profile (title and product(s) used). If you are a fit for the project, you will get an email from us with details regarding the project and requested time commitment. If the project is of interest to you, we hope you will join us for a great discussion.
If you are not available, that’s OK too. We will hope to catch you for the next Discovery project. 

How often do I have to participate? You can participate as much or as little as you would like. It’s completely up to you.

What is the meeting format? Right now, we meet in virtually in 1:1 meetings (via Microsoft Teams). Sometimes we send a survey, sometimes we host virtual, small user groups - it depends on the need. As Covid-19 concerns shift, we hope to conduct more in-person meetings and potentially site visits.

Do I need to do something to get ready? Typically, there is nothing for you to prepare – just a willingness to share your opinions and experiences. We always let you know what type of research we are conducting on our initial outreach for each project. This includes our method of research (survey, discussion, or, when appropriate, on-site) as well as how long we think it might take.

How often will you ask me to participate? While we will make every effort not to reach out too often, we may ask up to 3-4 times a year. Again, you can always decline if you have other obligations. Or if you need to step back, please email and we will put you ‘on hold’ or remove you from the Discovery community.

Who can sign up to be part of Discovery? Anyone over 18 who is a current Flexera customer or partner can be part of this community. We want to speak with individuals across all levels of expertise from beginner to super-user and all ranges of job/industry backgrounds. Everyone has different perspectives, so we want to make sure we learn from everyone.

Can I opt out of Discovery? Yes, you can. Please click the ‘opt out’ button at the bottom of the form or you may email to be removed from the Discovery community.