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When you are using IT Asset Management, at this stage you may need to approach beacon (re-)configuration a bit differently. 

  1. If you have an account to log in to FNMS Cloud using agw/login (for example, from, then you can do beacon configuration from your beacon as usual:
  • just click "Download configuration" on your beacon (server) - a new tab opens in your web browser showing the Configure Beacon page from Flexnet Manager Suite, displaying the unique identification (GUID) of this inventory beacon in the Unique ID field.
  • log in using the credentials you normally use to log from the agw/login page and perform the configuration as usual (and as described here)

2. If you only have credentials for IT Assets ( or, then for now you need to perform beacon configuration starting from Flexera One web UI (and not from the beacon application user interface):

  • First, on the beacon server obtain unique beacon identifier  - launch Windows REGEDIT and navigate to: 

    Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Common\BeaconUID 

    Capture the BeaconUID value and remove the beginning and ending brackets. 
  • Now log in to Flexera One. If you have access to several organizations, make sure you select the correct one in the organization selection section. 
  • Navigate to Beacons page under IT Assets (not IT Visibility), click "Configure beacon" and copy your beacon UID (without the brackets) and Beacon name to the page
  • Finish configuration and then click "Download configuration". If you are logged into the Flexera One Platform on a separate workstation, you must copy the downloaded beacon configuration file to the beacon server. 
  • On the Beacon Server, go to the Windows Start menu.  Find the Flexera Beacon application and launch it.  Be patient while it loads.  You will be on the Parent Connection page. 

    • Click on the Enable Parent Connection” checkbox. 
    • Click on the Import Configuration button. 

     Browse to the location of the downloaded configuration file and select it.  The beacon will import the configuration file and attempt to establish secure communication to Flexera One. 

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Level 4

Good day Flexera,

please confirm beacon connection requirements for current EU instance FNMS Cloud users.

Current beacon configuration is :

Presentation - Web UI



Flexera One  documentation only shows:

Flexera One web page access (standard port 443)

FlexNet Beacon endpoint (for uploads)

Performance and reliability monitoring

Certificate revocation checks (standard port 80)


what is the requirements here, are we now pointing to new endpoints? will the current EU links still work or do they change?

this impacts customers where upload links outside of the estate needs cloud and risk approval that takes a long time.

Flexera Alumni

Hi @tertiusd,

There is currently no change to endpoints for FNMS (IT Assets) beacons.

The documentation you are referring to is only specifically related to IT Visibility beacons, not beacons that are used with FNMS (IT Assets). We will change documentation to highlight the difference. 

The KB is related only to the fact that any customers that do configuration of beacons in IT Assets, may need to initiate the configuration from the web UI (and not the beacon) in case if they do not have credentials with agw/login. Other than that there is absolutely no impact on beacons and no change to current endpoints

Thank you,

Elvira Kan. 

Level 4

thank you Elvira,

and the Current FNMS API used for App Portal on-prem and admin studio? used to collect MGS ID's and do license availability checks?

does this stay the same or will we see any impact on the URL changes?

example current would be

Flexera Alumni

Hi @tertiusd,

The FNMS API for App Portal remains the same for the forseeable future.




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