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User-Based Licenses


We have licenses from several publishers that are, what you may call, enterprise type licenses. We can install the applications on as many machines as we like, however the number of licenses needed is based on the total number of unique users that actually use the application. If it is installed but never used, a license is not required. I have the licenses recorded as user-based license type, and for the majority it is working well as we have software usage tracking enabled, however because "installations always consume license entitlements" we have machines where the applications have never been used but they are consuming and contributing to license consumption. This results in Flexera giving us wrong information (telling us we need more licenses than we do). 

Please can you advise if there is way to address this. I thought of exempting the devices with no usage, but then this creates a manual task to continuously check, which defeats the whole object.


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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

You can create a report using the Installation object (this will give you the device, the application, and the last used date). You can then filter out devices that have usage and use the report to apply the exemptions as part of the reconcile on the Use Rights & Rules tab of the license (

Thanks, but the link you provided doesn't work. Please let me know if I've understood this correctly. I create a report and filter it to show the application installations that have been used. I then apply this to the Allocation & Exemptions (Allocation by report or Exemption by report?). This will then result in consumption to be based only where the application has been used? What happens if an unused installation starts being used by a user. Will this automatically update the created report, apply it via the Allocations & Exemptions and update the consumption? I'm trying to understand is this is a create and forget situation?


It looks like the link added ) to the end, try this: 

You can create the report for installations of the application, then filter so that only unused installs are included. You would then use this report to apply exemptions to the license so that the unused installed will have a consumption of 0.

Another option would be to create a report of only installations that are used and then use that report on the Restrictions tab to limit the devices that are considered for the license: 


Thank you. I can't seem to used the Is Used = No filter, because we have use rights set that if the application has been used in the past but not for 3 months or longer, Is Used will say No, but there will still be a date from at least 3 months ago. With this specific publisher, all actual usage regardless of when it was last used would consume a license. How do I get around this please?

You can use Last Used Date instead of Is Used