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Can someone help me understand how I can extract Flexera data using Power Query. We currently use Power BI within the orgnisation and have a number of reports showing asset data and other organisational data. 

Currently all Flexera data is extracted on to CSV/excel for ingesting to PBI. Hoping to automate this process. 

I've extracted the access key, however when I go to connect my credentials doesn't seem to be correct. I have used the access key as the User Name and tried both my PBI passwork and Flexera password, doesn't seem to work. Is there a certain access level required within flexera to be able to do this connection? 


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Community Manager

For automating data flows, you should look at various APIs that are available for retrieving data from Flexera One. Here are some links to various information about APIs:

A typical data flow into a system such as Power BI would involve using a script to connect to relevant Flexera One APIs to extract data of interest and write them to an intermediate data store that is accessible to Power BI, and then configure Power BI to consume data from that data store.

Note that there is some data in the system that is not accessible through APIs, so be aware that you may not be able to fully automate all the data flows that you're interested in here.

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